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Beyoncé Made Me Do It

And no I don’t mean quit my job. God had the say-so on that, but hearing her words did feel like confirmation that I’m on the right path.


I decided to “release my job” a few months ago, and since then I’ve been preparing for this new chapter of my life. The biggest lesson I had to learn in all of this is balance. Feminine and masculine energies are meant to exist in harmony, not pitted against each other. 


I figured out how to be productive and still get a full night’s sleep. I started to go outside more and enjoy nature. I needed to spend some time with my inner Self….then get to WORK!


And on that note, I’ve been on my Jay-Z grind too. Some of y’all may recall me “retiring” from graphic design. I’ve been complaining about the climate of design for years, but I just had to take a break from it to realize how much it really meant to me. To be able to provide a service that could help another dreamer in their journey is a special gift, so I decided to give it another go.



I realized running a business is more than just providing great work. You have to be in a position to serve, and it’s hard to do that when you’re operating in fear…always worried about money, and running from rejection.



So because of this newfound wisdom, I was able to make this transition into being an artist. I was stuck trying to fit into a corporate world that just wasn’t meant for me. I was the behind-the-scenes girl or behind-the-computer girl I should say lol. Just doing whatever the client asked. Not having any boundaries, and seeking validation because I lacked confidence in my abilities. If their reaction wasn’t “I Love It!” I’m up for hours trying to make them. I was accepting pay that was way less than what I deserved (or doing shit for free/”exposure”), letting clients call at crazy hours, and completely take advantage of my generosity.


Being able to express myself in this way is life-changing. It’s no longer about business, it’s about impact. It’s about doing something with your whole chest lol not just for the money. I just had to get over the limiting belief that my artwork isn’t valuable.

“Get a real job, being an artist won’t make you any money”

– Said every artist’s parent ever

The reality is art is one of the biggest commodities in the world. It’s a reason why people are spending their rent money to see Beyonce…or why The Mona Lisa is currently valued at over $900 million. The truth is artists are here to give messages that need to be delivered to the public…to help humanity feel, open their minds, and gain new perspectives. And in my book that’s very important! 


Where would we be without movies, tv shows, and books, [insert your favorite media]?


Communication through the arts is how we keep cultures alive through generations, so if you have something to share, share it!! The world needs you.


For the past 5 years, I’ve been writing and documenting my whole journey. Now I’m ready to share it with you. Books, songs, comics, documentaries, cartoon series, and all that! lol

If you’re still reading this. I appreciate you! 

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