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Momiana of Year

What a year, what a year! It has been nothing short of amazing, but also scary and exciting and stressful and many other emotions I never knew I could feel.

(Check The Aftermath and Saturn Was Here series for a full rundown)

I started this year off jobless, my life- coaching career coming to a halt, as soon as it started, with me and my kids sleeping at my cousin’s house…not knowing how I was gonna afford to put a roof over our heads.

I knew I was capable of more. I felt like I was letting myself down, letting my kids down…and letting you down, friend. I was ready and determined to show up for the life I was made for. I was ready to step into my purpose.

I knew if I wanted to see the brighter side of life I would need to make some major changes to my approach.

Needless to say, I saw it through and came out on the other side victorious…with a new job, renewed health, new home for me and my boys, and most shockingly a new man.

Now let me give y’all the tea on how I worked my way out of survival mode and found my way back to God this year.

1. Pay Attention to your Heart

I read a book called “The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success” at the beginning of the pandemic, and it set me up for the ultimate transformation. The author, Deepak Chopra, detailed how vital our hearts are to our success, and I began to understand that my intuition was really God sending me hints and clues.

The tricky part here is being able to decipher if it’s your ego talking or Divine guidance.

I learned that in order to truly tap into this Divine life compass, you gotta clear all your bullshit out. Your intuition is blocked by all the negative thoughts and beliefs you hold on to, the Big Macs and Super Size fries you gulp down every night, and the Love and Hip Hop marathon blasting in the background.

I had to remove all the clutter and negativity from my mind, body, and spirit in order to really hear what God was telling me to do.

2. Embrace the Unknown

Once I gained clear reception to my intuition, I had to learn to trust it wholeheartedly. I couldn’t be afraid of the outcome. I had to believe that wherever God was leading me was the right way. Because Lord knows I didn’t wanna separate from my kids during my transformation, but I had to trust that it would all work out. Don’t interfere with the perfect way things could play out for you thinking you can “control” all the details. Visualize what you want and sit back and let God do His thing. You might just receive something better than you could ever imagine.

3. Ask and You Shall Receive

So y’all this is the one that still has me in awe. No matter how many of my prayers God answers, I’m still amazed at how magical life is. What I’ve learned about praying is, it works only when you do the work. There’s work to be done before and after praying. I found myself raising my vibrations to match the things I was asking for. You can’t just beg God for a million dollars and you still behave like you’re broke. After I pray, I keep my eye or spirit on alert for the answers. I know and trust 100% that God will deliver, but it is up to me to follow the guidance I receive through my intuition. Whether it’s a hunch to open up a book to a specific page for a message, that feeling to make a left turn instead of your usual right that leads you to a billboard with your answer, or receiving a random email delivering exactly what you need…just know God will answer your prayer in His perfect timing which leads to my last method…

4. Just Fucking Wait

How many times have we heard patience is a virtue? Yet for some reason so many of us lack this valuable trait. After four years of battling with the Herpes virus, God saw it fit that I would be healed this year. I used so many manifesting techniques, from scripting how life would be once I was healed, meditating and visualizing my negative test results, watching mind movies(more on this later), and ultimately prayer to deliver me from this ailment. Out of all these techniques the most important ingredient was patience. When I contracted Herpes in 2017, I was determined to rid my body of this “incurable” virus. I didn’t know how or when it would happen, but I wasn’t gonna stop trying until it was gone. Four years of trial and error and patiently waiting led me to the ending I knew was possible all along.

Since settling into my place in October, I’ve been looking for the balance in being a mom, a wife-in-training, an employee, an artist, and an entrepreneur. I mean I do have a big head, but that’s a lot of hats to wear at once. I’m starting to think that there might not be a perfect balance. Some days you’ll have it figured out and some days you’ll tip the scale.

But at the same time, I’m also understanding how much consistency and discipline play a part in that balance. I used to let my days go by without planning how I would spend them. Just aimlessly wandering through life, dreaming of better but not putting forth the proper effort to achieve it.

I was trying any and everything I thought would get me ahead. Constantly changing directions and ending up right back at square one. I see now that if I want to make it to my final destination, I can’t keep changing the address in my GPS. I gotta stick to wherever I’m being led no matter what. No matter how hard it may seem to stay on track.

I have people that depend on me to see this through…so this new year my theme is Consistency — the biggest of my creative struggles. Like why is so hard to just pick something and keep doing it. Idk y’all, but I’m on a quest to find out the solution. I wonder how different this year will be for me if I just show up…and continue to show up. I guess we’ll find out next year if I won my battle with consistency.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this read. I have a lot more words of wisdom and entertainment coming your way next year. I appreciate you rocking with me this far.

Brb friends. I love y’all and Happy New Year!

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