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What a year, what a year! It has been nothing short of amazing, but also scary and exciting and stressful and many other emotions I never knew I could feel. (Check The Aftermath and Saturn Was Here series for a full

Okay, y’all I’m back… Let me give you a quick recap, I know it’s been a min.  So a couple weeks ago, I shared a very personal story on how I was healed from Herpes.  It all started in 2017 when I moved

TAKE THE WHEEL! I just knew I was on track to start my career as a life coach

CHANGE OF PLANS   Okay y’all now we cooking with gas! I was finally free from the shackles of the plant-based demons. Now I didn’t go overboard, but it felt good to loosen up the reigns on my lifestyle. Well maybe

DAMN, ANOTHER ONE?  So while I’m using my body as a full-blown science experiment, another big bad virus decided to come to town. In March 2020, news of Covid-19 spread, and the whole planet went into lockdown.  I was working at an

“NO MO' PLAY IN G.A” Okay y’all, now it’s time to enter the battlefield. Mr.Herp is going down! I was already preparing for this war because early that year I decided to transition to a vegan diet. In my studies, I

“MY EARTHLY DEBUT” “Aye Lain, you performing at Club Womb tonight!” My manager shouted from up above.  “Tonight?, I thought my day was 11/11?”  “Na, I need you out there ASAP. It’s your time to shine.”  I immediately jumped out the bed to prepare

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