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  /  Let's Heal   /  Saturn Was Here pt.3

Saturn Was Here pt.3


So while I’m using my body as a full-blown science experiment, another big bad virus decided to come to town. In March 2020, news of Covid-19 spread, and the whole planet went into lockdown. 

I was working at an event company at the time, making balloon art and props. One day, I overhear talks from the sales team about an influx of clients canceling their upcoming events. My manager called the whole team in her office for an impromptu meeting. “Hey I don’t what’s going on with this Covid shit, but y’all might be out of a job.”  

I was one of the main ppl to downplay Covid in the beginning. “I ain’t thinking bout Ms.Rona! I got another virus to deal with.” Fast forward a week later, I get that dreaded email and I entered the pandemic with a temporary layoff. Good Times, huh?  

So my first quarter of quarantine was spent reflecting and releasing. I began to wake up the demons that were sleeping on my dream life. Once I looked within and shined a light around, I realized it’s not so scary here. Those monsters I thought were haunting me, turned out to be my dirty laundry casting shadows. So as a wise man once said,  I’m cleaning out my closet.   

A few months into the panny, I was led to two books that blew my mind! I started seeing life in a whole new light.

The first book was “The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success,” by Deepak Chopra. This was an eye-opener for me on how our emotions are here to guide us. Being raised by my military mom, whose motto was “Suck it up and get over it”, and living in a society where showing emotion is for the weak…Deepak Chopra showed me we’ve been doing it wrong this whole time. I had a change of heart. Literally. The Law of Karma speaks on the roles of the heart in a way I’ve never heard before. I realized our hearts are the divine GPS system to our lives. The problem is, we let our minds get in the driver’s seat!…and an untamed mind (ego) and the heart do not get along well. I was bound to crash if I didn’t mend their toxic relationship. 

The next book I read really brought home the concept of cooperating with your heart with these words, “The brain thinks, but the heart knows.” Joe Dispenza’s book “Becoming Supernatural” showed me how our mind, body, and spirit work together to manifest our reality.

After the first two chapters I’m like: 

So you telling me I can heal myself by visualizing and feeling like I’m healed?

This is the cheat code to life!

After reading this book, the concept of miracles was no longer mysterious. Dr. Joe broke down the science behind our fancy miracle-making machines. All the way down to Atom, the foundation of all matter.  

I began to see how I could tap into this higher intelligence, that we all possess, to manifest my healing. The same intelligence that controls all of our bodily functions, mends broken bones and makes babies — The Subconscious mind. If our bodies can create a whole human from scratch, I’m sure it can handle a little virus.

At this point, I let go of the western way of healing and decided to continue my journey using Joe Dispenza’s methods. I stopped searching for a magic pill and realized I already had the magic within.

Ima just believe it away! What y’all think? Sounds like a solid plan right?

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