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  /  Let's Heal   /  Saturn Was Here pt.2

Saturn Was Here pt.2


Okay y’all, now it’s time to enter the battlefield. Mr.Herp is going down! I was already preparing for this war because early that year I decided to transition to a vegan diet. In my studies, I came across the teachings of Dr.Sebi, the man known for healing people of incurable viruses.

That was all I needed to see! If it’s been done before, I knew I would figure it out. The mustard seed of faith was planted in my mind.

So over the course of the next 2 years, I tested my luck with whatever holistic treatment I could find online. I thought I was a scientist…conducting research and shit, but I damn sure didn’t have scientist money. 

From taking every herb on God’s green earth to having my bowels manually cleared out by a machine, there was no limit to what I would try. Halfway into my healing journey, I found a holistic doctor to perform these Ozone treatments, I discovered from a YouTube comment. It consisted of me having vials of my blood removed and infused with ozone gas and then put back into my veins through an IV. After investing thousands of dollars on the required testing, I find out my veins could fatally explode if I get these treatments. My body was not equipped to handle the intensity of this kind of therapy. 

Ugh! Now it’s back to the drawing board. 

I remember the doctor telling me it would be beneficial to do a detox during one of my visits. So my 2019 New Year resolution was to get rid of all this shit! Literally. I signed up for a full-body cleanse at a health clinic in Duluth, which included several colonics and concoctions that tasted like battery acid. 

In between emptying out waste from both ends, I found myself sprawled out on my bathroom floor yet again. As I switch from a seated to kneeling position, the tears began to flow just like all the shit that was coming out of me.

In the middle of me emptying my insides, a little birdie delivered a message. I heard there was a doctor here in Atlanta that had an herbal treatment for Herpes.

This is it, yall!! The stars have aligned!

I messaged the doctor on IG and purchased the treatments. I knew it would require full dedication to see it through. 

The little birdie from earlier told me, “This regimen will require a lot of discipline, most people don’t stick with it…but I know y’all Virgos built different.” 

Welllll, my Virgo energy failed me because a few weeks in… I’m all herbed out! I felt like I was in a mental jail, being taunted by this virus that seemed to be controlling my whole life. “Umm you know you shouldn’t eat that right? Acidic foods are my favorite!” I could hear Mr. Herp laughing at my diet, knowing I was just giving him more fuel to build his army.  

Let me tell y’all, I am a foodie so being vegan was already enough torture for my tastebuds…now all I can have is air sandwiches and grass juice…and how was I supposed to resist the temptation of eating my kid’s snacks?! 

The process of healing from an incurable std was overwhelming and I felt defeated. I was just trying shit and trying shit, and it wasn’t working.

Poor little Lain-Lain.

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